About Me

Hi..!! I am Yashpal Rathore, based in Bangalore, India. Though I am an Electrical engineer by qualification, I am a naturalist and an avid nature photographer by choice 

My interest in nature and wildlife dates from childhood. Having grown up in southern-Rajasthan, my playgrounds were the green fields. From these, I progressively expanded my horizons, to the more diverse and fascinating world of nature, watching birds and observing small animals go about their daily lives. A lifelong passion for nature thus aroused progressed to photography after I bought my first SLR camera in the year 2005. Since then, I have visited the far-flung corners of India to be amidst Nature. These visits have given me an intimate insight into the dynamics and diversity of nature. I have been privileged to witness several amazing, dramatic and emotional moments that unfold every day in the wild. To become better nature photographer, one needs to be better naturalist. So, I did Naturalist training for Jungle Lodges & Resort, Karnataka and Volunteer training from Karnataka Eco tourism board.

Through this website, I would like to attempt to showcase the natural beauty which I see and capture in my camera. This showcase, I believe, shall raise awareness on the importance of conservation of the forest and its dwellers. There is such a vast variety of natural beauty spread in the wild places of India & across globe; I feel that in my lifetime, I will be able to see only tiny Glimpses of this. But what I do see and experience, I would like to share with others.

My photographs are available for sale exclusively through UK based Nature stock agency "Nature Picture Library" and photos been extensively publish throughout world in print & electronic media.  

An attempt to encourage community-based travel with like-minded people to pass on knowledge I acquired, I conduct nature photography tour, based on my travelling experience of various wilderness locations. During such Guided Photography tour, participants get to know my style of photography and learn various techniques practically in field. Since I conduct very limited Scheduled Photography tour because of own busy photography schedule, but with years of experience and working closely with best camp/guides in various forest area, I can certainly help you in providing customized tour to those natural places. I also conduct one-to-one photography workshop on camera traps, macro and field techniques.

Photography Equipment:

Camera: Lens: Accessories:

Canon 1DX

Canon EOS 5DM3

Canon EOS 6D

Canon 550D, 3No's

Canon 17-40mm F/4

Canon 24-70mm F/2.8

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II

Canon 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6

Canon 500mm F/4

Canon 100mm Macro

Canon 10-22mm , 3No's

Sigma 12-24mm

Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye

Rokinon 24mm F1.4

Canon Speedlite 580EX II, 430EX & 270EX

Gitzo 3541L Systematic Tripod,

 Manfrotto Monopod

Benro fluid head

Nikon SB-28 flash, 10No’s

PIR sensor, 5 No’s

IR sensor, 3 No’s

Canon 1.4x III Extenders

Equipment Innovations: 


Drive to capture wilderness in new and innovative way, so that viewers get amazed by natural beauty. Last few years I did some innovation, used my engineering background and developed Floating hide, Remote Controlled Buggy and DSLR Camera Traps



Its RF controlled vehicle with 4 No's geared motors, to generate enough torque to counter tough forest terrain. 

Important features of GroundCam:
Tilt-Pan control
Still & video remote trigger
Almost all camera functions control at selected Mode
Real time live view.
Wireless working range of 1/2 km


Floating Hide:

 It is a floating structure made of PVC pipe and wood, to carry Telephoto lens at water level for water birds photography. You wear Wadersuit and sit chest deep inside water at lake shore for hours without bending your back. 




DSLR Camera Trap:

To capture hidden nocturnal life or lesser mammals of Indian forest which is not been documented well enough, I am working last few on developing DSLR based camera traps. I completed two major projects, and willing to work with NGO’s or field biologists who are looking for expertise in camera trap project  towards documentation or conservation of lessor known / endangered species in India.

DSLR Cases Pelican & Fiberglass                                                        Portable traps for quick & short time installation
Flashes wireless & Wired                                                                   Trigger systems PIR & IR  
Mounting clamps, as per different habitat                                           Flashes boxes for different lighting 


Awards & Recognition

 Canon Advertisement in National Geography Magazine April -2018

Terre Sauvage Nature Images Awards 2017

Bird category 3rd place – “Frenzy feast”



DJ Memorial photography contest 2015

Certificate of merit – “Marching of cranes”



DJ Memorial photography contest 2014

Runnerup –“Blurry flight”

blurry flight


Windland Smith Rice Awards Nature’s Best 2012

Highly Honored – Art in Nature

vertical limit