Foot Flagger - Dancing frogs of WesternGhats

Year 2014 news of discovery of 14 new species of dancing frogs in Western Ghats appeared in internet forum. I was very curious to know what dancing frogs actually are. Last year I noticed first time 2 species in Honey valley, Coorg and then I realize I had seen these species previous year also but failed to get ID.  Since few year back Mr Gururaja has published book on Frogs of Western Ghats, I can’t tell how much life has become easy now, when it comes to ID’s of frog.  Year 2015 I was busy observing & documenting 2 other beautiful endemic species Torrent toad & Rh. Lateralis, but this year I was determined to spend time with these tiny little dancing frog which  belong to family Micrixalus and we have about 40 species of these very small 2-3cm long ground frogs.


You will make out from some photographs that unless you are really looking for them its next to impossible to see them. They are very tinny and very well camouflaged to its surrounding. I have seen 1 species at Valparai and 2 species at Honey valley & 2 at KCRE Agumbe.

Mountain Gorilla - Soul of Virunga Mountain

Some species are so charismatic that as and when we read about them or watch them on television we wish we could be face to face with them if not more, than at least once in our life time.

Mountain Gorilla is one such species on my bucket list for quite some time.  However many factors, like high cost, lack of information and scenario of trekking through tough terrain to track them, deterred me from pursuing on this adventure. Last year in August during “Predator & Great migration tour” my friend and an extremely enthusiastic photographer Anand Sachdeva convinced me to make this journey. We did the R&D, took advice from photographers in Africa who had been on this trip and decided for a 2 trek tour in August. 

Today after completing this trip,I can safely say that the few hrs what we got to spend with this Magnificent Ape is among the most satisfying moment of my journey as nature lover & nature photographer in last decade. Each dollar we spend & each step we took through tough terrain of the Virunga volcanic mountains was well worth the effort.

I will take you through this life changing journey through photographs;

We arrived at the Kigali International Airport, through flight from Nairobi.  Our guide was waiting for us in the arrival with his Toyota Prado. Rwanda is 80% hilly area and a 2.5 hr Scenic drive through rolling hills took us to Musanze (Ruhengeri), at the foot hill of Volcanoes national park.