The Year that is past and the year that is to come: A Review

As Social networking sites like Facebook may summarize the past year for me, but I feel I can do a better job!  My “Journey of Joy” continues…that’s what I call .the journey I am on, to  become  a better nature photographer.

This year, I had  the opportunity to explore a few new wilderness areas in India. I also made another trip to the Mecca of wildlife, the Masai Mara, in Kenya..

I also felt that this year, a good way of assessing my progress as a wildlife photographer would be  to participate in some of the best international and  national competitions I could think of. One or more of my photographs made it into the finals of the three completions I entered.

 "De'Light'ful Family", Finalist, Nature as Art Category , BBC Wildlife Photographer Awards 2013, 


 "PlayTime"  Finalist , Saevus Yes Bank Nature Capital Awards, 2013


 It was a bonus that one of my photographs selected as Highly Honored in the “Nature as Art” category in Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2013. The winning  photograph will be published in Prestigious Nature's Best Phot0graphy magazine, in the  Winter/ Fall edition, and there is a  possibility of its being displayed in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC.

"Vertical Limit",Highly Honored in Nature as Art Category

Nature's Best Photography Windland International awards 2013.

vertical limit


As part of the quest to learn more about the forest and its denizens, I  registered and underwent the  first Volunteer Certification Training Program,  an initiative jointly conducted by the Karnataka Eco-tourism Board KETB) ,the Karnataka Forest  Department (KFD),  and Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR), Karnataka. A seven-day in-field program, it  was an eye opener for me in many ways.

We had sessions with the noted naturalist , Sarath Champati & Karthikeyan Shrinivasan and others . Another plus was the opportunity to be with the Park Directors of three of the best Tiger Reserves of south India: Nagerhole, Bandipur, and BR Hills. Their combined inputs gave us a holistic understand of the forests, its management, and the challenges.

The  time we spent with the Forest Guards, who are the  true protectors of the natural assets of India, in the field, was another reality check for me. With limited resources and poor salaries, it’s often  only their dedication towards forest protection  which keeps them going.


I am looking forward to an exciting  2014…..  I will be visiting three very unique Indian wildlife destinations: Kaziranga, Kutch and Ladakh. I will also be exploring Botswana.

The most challenging part of my wildlife photography quest is juggling the needs of my family, my work, and my passion….all three aspects of my life are very important to me, and I do not want to neglect any of them! However, I hope to accomplish the balancing act successfully, and be able to share the experiences and images that I gather along my journey of exploration, learning and discovery.


+1 #4 Arindam Mazumdar 2014-02-06 16:32
Great Job done Yash..looking forward for action from your lens !! All the best..Why don't you make a trip to Vadodara..we have some good spot for covering your lenses..
+1 #3 felix raviprakaash 2014-01-04 16:57
just loved your photographs and all of them are unique and I envy your travel.keep it up and gues you deserve an international award sooner than later.all the best.
+1 #2 Monish 2014-01-03 13:18
Awesome, you have 100's of great pics from 2013, you should have created a photo essay - we all would have enjoyed it :) Happy New Year
+1 #1 Deepa Mohan 2014-01-03 11:05
Such lovely images...I treasure the "de-lightful" image, that you framed and gave me...come and see it in my home!

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