Blackbuck of Tal Chhapar

Some years back during one of my visits to Jaipur (my in-laws place) when I was getting introduced to the world of nature photography. I told my mother in law that I was going to Tal Chhapar for three days. As she belonged to a place near Tal chhapar, she wondered aloud how out of only a week’s holiday I would waste 3 days and told me “waha kaval herin hi to hai or kuch nahi, (there are only some deer nothing else)”.  I said OK, I want to see Deer only and off I went to Tal Chhapar.

I was new to birding that time and was crazy about raptors. There could not be any better place for a Raptor crazy person than Tal chhapar. When I reach Tal chhapar I had the opportunity to meet Shri S.S.Puniya ji the ACF and the man incharge for Sanctuary. It is rare to find a wildlife official so much in love with his place. Even though it is not a part of his part of job, but whenever he sees some nature lover visiting his place, he makes it a point to take then on drive before his official time.

 He welcomed me to join him in the morning drive, keep showing me lifers one after another. There would be a Lagger Falcon on one branch, and then Kestrel on another, on periphery of park the Sparrowhawk would keep flying in front of us, on the next turn a black shouldered kite would be seen hovering. Then near water hole, Imperial, Steppe and Tawny eagles.....the list goes on and on.

Since then I have made at least one trip each year to this small but amazing wildlife sanctuary. During this year's trip, I went to Tal Chhapar with the sole objective to document the blackbuck, the sanctuary main attraction. I spend every bit of good light watching these beautiful creatures for three days. The rutting Season was on, so was good time to watch male challenging each other as female approach male territories for possible mate.  Enjoy photographs and do visit this place.


 Sunrise at TalChhapar




As day progress, Larks & Pipits get active



As male compete with each other, Dust glows in morning light



Competitive males walk Parallel to each other and show threat by posture & positioning of there horns.

If one of them not backs off, then they leap onto each other, with loud "thud"



Fight can over in one clash of horns or if both competitors of equal strength then they battle it out for minutes



Loser will be chased away by winner



Winner Male will have second task in hand to "Impress female"



Male will prance around female with a mincing gait, horn laid flat to its back



If female gets impress, they Mate



Blackbuck leaps very high, its called " Pronking" 



With no more Cheetha in India, Blackbuck speed can't put on test but they are fastest runner in India



 Sunset at Tal Chhapar



0 #7 Sathya Narayanan KDk 2015-01-08 17:14
Lovely images and write Yashpal!
+1 #6 kartik 2014-04-16 09:42
Amazing pictures and story. Tal Chapar is indeed an amazing place. Hope to see more of your visits :-)

+1 #5 Sumeet 2014-04-01 01:32
Absolutely splendid images Yash. Each one is a masterpiece by itself - the one with the larks is particularly a winner. Great stuff.
0 #4 Yashpal 2014-03-28 10:02
Thanks Deepa for Advice, I will see that I take some videos also in future
+1 #3 Chandu 2014-03-28 09:54
Yash bhai, the frames with the sun and the larks and pipits stand out from the rest. Amazing pictures

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