Tips for Kenya trip

Planning for Maiden Kenya Trip:

During August month, I made my first trip to Watch & photograph African wildlife. Being our first trip our obvious choice was Kenya. As I was planning this trip on my own, I spend many hours on internet and got feedback from friends who already been there. Advantage when you plan your own trip to a new place is that,  as you read about various parks, animals & habitats, so before hand you  get fair bit of knowledge about place.

As we were traveling during great migration time as we wanted to give more time to Masai mara so our changes of seeing river crossing increase. Our tour itinerary was, Lake Nakuru for two nights & Masai Mara for 5 nights.

I want to share some information about Kenya which might help other who wants to travel in coming months. I strongly recommend every wildlife lover should make at least one trip

Weather & best time





Mid March- Mid June


I understood from my guide is rainy season at Masai Mara is not like monsoon in India. It can rain for few hours and then  no rain next day

Being off season, you get the best deals. Which can be as low as 30-40% of peak season



Grass will be tall, but sighting will be there

Shoulder season

July- Sep

Pleasant day,  cooler night

Time when millions of wildebeest & Zebra arrive in Masai mara plans from Serengeti Tanzania, to graze fresh grass after rainy season in Mara.

Peak season, if watching  river crossing your wish list , then this is right time

Mid October - November

Mild rainy season.

With migrating herds of wildebeest back into Tanzania.  Can’t expect much action during this  period

Shoulder season



Because of Christmas & new year holiday, again there will lots of visitor

High season

Jan – Mid March

Dry season

Less water, less prey. So time to watch lots of action between predators. With limited prey, predators going for prey which normally they avoids.

If migration is not your wish list, then this is the best time to visit Masai Mara.