Monsoon Magic

Every year Monsoon brings joy & rejuvenates life in the Indian-subcontinent. For me it’s the time to explore the Western ghats as it comes to life with arrival of Monsoon. Like last many years this year also during June-July months, I spend 21 nights at various locations in Westernghats. Other then documenting about 30 endemic species of frogs , and also I  try to co-relate elements of Monsoon like rain, water, night and amphibians and created series of images this monsoon which are especial to me. Here I am sharing best 10 photos I creates this monsoon and story behind these images. Some of these photographs were well thought like “frog & star trail” but some are result of on-field favourable conditions like “Frog & Milky way”

Frog & Rain

Frog & rain

Night frog or wrinkled frog is endemic to Western Ghats and about 50 species of such frogs can be seen across Western Ghats.  Their size varies from as tiny as thumb to as big as palm and can be seen in or around forest or plantation streams. Here I tried to correlated monsoon rain & frog, used torch light as backlight to illuminate rain drops and very slow shutter speed to create curtain of water. Also placed external flash at perpendicular direction to get details in frog.

Camera Gear: Canon 5D M3; Canon 100mm Macro lens; Exposure 1/10 sec; f/16 ; ISO 200; External flash 580EXII (-2/3)

Making of Floating Hide

Few photographers who saw me using floating hide at Hoskote Lake were curious to know how I made it and what is use of it.  It is very easy and anyone can make one. Concept is simple, we need some base which can float with camera load and cover to hide us from birds. Sorry for average quality of photographs as they were taking by smartphone

Hide is final shape, just before entering water, sorry their is no photo of floating as I was inside.