Dhikala Chor and its Gentle Giants

After my maiden trip to Corbett last summer, only regret I had was, why I have not been to this park earlier, what I was waiting for these many years.  Stories of middleman and issue of under table cuts to get booking at FRH accommodation in Dhikala zone, deterrent me from planning a trip to Corbett.   Thanks to my friend Anand Sachdeva, he help me explore one of first National Park, not only in India but Asia.


Kabini & Kaziranga are great place but after this trip, I have left with no doubt that there is no better place to observe & photograph Asiatic Elephant in India then Dhikala Chor ( grassland). As during summer months (April-June) large herd of elephant congregate around backwater of Ramganga reservoir and in Chor area of Dhikala. With lovely grassland, beautiful sunset sky and picturesque lower Himalaya’s mountain as background will provided even better photo opportunity then your imagination.  

Kaziranga: Last Bastions of Indian Rhino


Rhino with Calf in afternoon light

Kaziranga is land of heavy weight Herbivores and feathered beauty. It is one of the best wildlife photography destinations in India, supports extraordinary high diversity of species. I rate it as most well maintained and a must visit Park for each nature lover at least once. Fortunately it is located on far of corner else it would have been as crowded as central India parks. You should plan minimum 5 days trip to get complete feel of this park.