The Year that is past and the year that is to come: A Review

As Social networking sites like Facebook may summarize the past year for me, but I feel I can do a better job!  My “Journey of Joy” continues…that’s what I call .the journey I am on, to  become  a better nature photographer.

This year, I had  the opportunity to explore a few new wilderness areas in India. I also made another trip to the Mecca of wildlife, the Masai Mara, in Kenya..

I also felt that this year, a good way of assessing my progress as a wildlife photographer would be  to participate in some of the best international and  national competitions I could think of. One or more of my photographs made it into the finals of the three completions I entered.

 "De'Light'ful Family", Finalist, Nature as Art Category , BBC Wildlife Photographer Awards 2013, 


Magadi Lake- Winter home for Bar Headed Geese

I was on weeklong trip to north-western Karnataka during last week of Nov, while driving from Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary to Daroji Bear Sanctuary, I made stop at Magadi lake (Near Gadag).
First I want to thank CCF Mr Vijay Mohan Raj for discovering, developing and then passing on this location to people like us to go and enjoy. Since in one of his presentation during VTP, Vijay Mohan Raj had mentioned about this place, I wanted to make a trip. I remember couple of year ago Sandeep , Selva and I made trip to Somanthapura for Bar-headed Geese . I was excited to see few of them, But at Magadi lake experience was different. There must be few thousands of them, lake was blustering with calls and sky was dotted with them as they fly pass you.

Twilight at Lake Magadi